Microgaming Poker Review

Since 1994, casino gaming industry giant Microgaming has been offering many different types of poker games to their loyal players. This review aims to provide consumers with information about the different games offered by Microgaming and what sets them apart from the competition.

Pai Gow and Deuces Wild

Pai Gow and Deuces Wild are two of the most popular poker games offered by Microgaming these days and each one provides players with a unique perspective on how the game is played. Though Deuces Wild is somewhat self-explanatory, Pai Gow is far from traditional and takes players to a whole new level of gameplay. The information in this article is completely unbiased and seeks to provide information to consumers who are looking for new ways to enjoy their all-time favorites.

Pai Gow Poker

Though the Joker card plays an incredibly important role in most poker games, this is simply not the case in Pai Gow poker. In this poker variant, the joker cannot be used to complete any winning combination and is instead used only to complete a Straight, Straight Flush, Flush or Royal Flush; it is never treated as a wild card unless it is substituted for an Ace. Players who are new to Pai Gow will be happy to know that Microgaming offers free tutorials in most of their online casinos.

Deuces Wild

Though the name of the game explains the principles for the most part, Deuces Wild is still a fantastic way to escape normal poker play and add some excitement to the mix. In this variant, twos are considered wild cards and can be used to complete any winning combination, whether a pair of Aces, a Full House or even a Royal Flush. Since it is often easier to complete these combinations with multiple wild cards, players may find that the odds of winning have been modified to suit.

Players who are interested in straying from the normal games of poker may find Pai Gow and Deuces Wild from Microgaming to their liking.

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