Poker Playing as a Career

Anyone who has watched a televised poker tournament has likely wondered what it took for the featured poker players to get to that point. Did they make poker playing their primary career focus? Or did they hold down another job? Is it even possible to fashion a career out of playing poker? The answer is yes, though admittedly it is not easy.

The Odds of Success

With the increasing popularity of online casinos, the number of venues for playing poker has increased exponentially. While it is possible to make a living from winnings in a traditional casino, playing in an online casino also means that players can 'work' from home and, if need be, more easily organize their playing schedule around their other responsibilities. At the same time, the increasing number of individuals playing online poker means decreased chances of big wins, which makes it harder to earn a living on poker earnings.

A Profession of Patience

Though it is difficult to subsist entirely on poker earnings, it is not impossibleÑbut patience is essential. A person cannot become a poker aficionado over night, and it may take years before a player achieves the earning potential required to make a career out of the game. With lots of practice and dedication, however, it is possible to make a significant amount of money.

As a final word of advice: players should remember that poker is a gamble. A brief winning streak does not guarantee a lifetime of success at the game, so it is important to always have a backup planÑpreferably an additional jobÑif by some chance this luck runs out.

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